Vision & Legacy

Eddie Arnold at his cabin, on the Você Property.


In keeping with the wishes of country music icon Eddy Arnold – who called this property home from 1950 until his passing in 2008 – Você is designed from the ground up to retain and embrace the natural beauty of the land. Our team is committed to preserving the trees and natural landscape wherever possible, promoting an environmentally sensitive development approach, and encouraging a broad architectural palette. Unlike your traditional residential development, each Você home features a compact environmental footprint on a naturally wooded homesite; no two houses are alike.


For detailed information on how we make this vision a reality, check out our Community Design.


The Você story begins with Country Music Hall of Fame member Eddy Arnold, whose commitment to family, the land, and his community inspires every aspect of the development. In 1950, with his legendary career in full swing, Arnold purchased the original tract and settled with his young family on the “Windy Ridge.” This new home provided a sentimental return to his rural beginnings, and a refuge from the road.


Over time, while hiking the ridge and contemplating the shifting tides of his career, Arnold had an epiphany. As he walked through the trees, singing a traditional country ballad, he began to soften his voice and phrase the lyrics in the crooning style of one of his favorite pop music heroes, Bing Crosby. He had found his new Voice. With a new but familiar style, the singer rediscovered himself, redefined his music, and helped create what is now known as the “Nashville Sound.”

Eddie Arnold on stage with The Willis Brothers, c. 1953

Chet Atkins with Eddy, c. 1970

Eddy Arnold’s voice was silenced in 2008, but his legacy lives on as the defining spirit and design inspiration behind Você. Today, Eddy Arnold’s grandson, Shannon Pollard, lovingly oversees Eddy’s real estate holdings and formidable musical legacy. To learn more about Eddy’s “mandate” for the land, and what the property means to Shannon, check out the video above.