Você – The Mandate

The Você story begins with Country Music Hall of Fame member Eddy Arnold, and is rooted in love and commitment to family, to the land, and to the community. Arnold purchased the original tract back in 1950 and settled with his young family on what was then known as “Windy Ridge.” Shannon Pollard, the grandson of Eddy Arnold and trustee of the late singer’s real estate holdings and formidable musical legacy, relates a few childhood stories of days spent with his grandparents on the property and discusses a central mandate left to him by his grandfather.

“Two years before my grandfather died, he and I walked around this property, and he talked to about me saving the trees,” Pollard recalls. “We were walking in front of the cabin, and he looked up into the trees and said, ‘Save as many of these as you can.’”

Você – Resource Protection and Reclamation

The Você story is rooted in Eddy Arnold’s commitment to and passion for this special land, which he purchased back 1950. From the very earliest stages of development, the focus has been on preserving as many of the trees as possible. Out of over 5000 trees on the property, only 180 have been removed, and much of that material has been repurposed for use as flooring, fencing and even mulch on Voce’s many hiking trails.

Jonathan Cummings, who has spent the last 32 years working on the property, recalls his days on the land with Eddy Arnold and the special mandate that has been passed down.

Você Sign Lighting

A roaring fire, a warm vibe, and an enthusiastic crowd came out to Você to celebrate the official lighting of the beautiful sign that now graces our entrance. A big thank you to all of you who were able to attend and to those who we know were there in spirit.

Você is beginning to take shape, and we couldn’t be prouder or more excited! Here’s a video of our successful sign-lighting event. Enjoy!

Fall Party

Please enjoy our video of Você’s fall event that captures the great vibe and positive energy of that special night and provides a nice overview of the Você story and philosophy.