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The Você Team brings a high level of passion, commitment, and wide-ranging experience to the task of creating an incomparable neighborhood – the first of its kind in Nashville – that retains and embraces the natural beauty of the land. In keeping with the wishes of country music icon Eddy Arnold, the last steward of this land, Você will save the trees wherever possible, employing light impact practices that promote an environmentally sensitive development approach.

The team is dedicated to preserving and complementing Você’s unspoiled setting, implementing practical sustainable solutions and encouraging a broader architectural palette than what is typically permitted. Fittingly, music, art and the area’s rich history will be integral to Você’s site design and marketing.

Eschewing the traditional residential development model of houses placed on clearly defined expanses of lawn, Você will feature naturally wooded home sites set within a pedestrian-friendly, walkable community of sidewalks, paths and trails. “Dark sky” practices will be maintained across all home and community lighting, to reduce scattered light and to be sensitive to Vanderbilt’s Dyer Observatory, located nearby.

Você homes will have a compact environmental footprint, utilizing a variety of natural water features to remove pollutants from storm water runoff, and implementing natural techniques to reinforce existing streams. Wherever practical and cost effective, construction waste will be recycled, and native materials, including repurposed trees, will be used to create special architectural elements.

Creativity is in the air at Você. From street furnishings to lighting to signage, features will be designed to convey and inspire the creative spirit. Indoors and out, from the Sales Center to Você’s common spaces, art and music will be celebrated and showcased.

Creativity is in the air at Você.

Voce NashvilleVoce NashvilleVoce Nashville

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